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Systematic Motivation Highlights

Get to know accomplished STEM majors!


Shareka Hayden

What school/university did you attend?:  Alabama A&M University

Where are you from?: Huntsville Alabama

What was your major? Electrical Engineering with a concentration of Very Large Scale Integration

Where do you work and what is your current position?: Florida Power & Light. I am currently a Relocation Coordinator for North Palm Beach County.

What motivated you to choose a STEM career?:  Coming up I loved Math. Every time someone's computer was broke I would fix it. I took an interest in putting things together. It wasn't until senior year of high school a month before I graduated that my mother and I came to the conclusion that I should probably major in Engineering!


What are your hobbies, what do you do for fun?:  I love to travel and shop. I've started a clothing boutique named Modish Ensemble Boutique, and it has become my new baby :)

What advice would you give a student, who is thinking about pursuing a career in the STEM field?:  My biggest advice is to never give up. People will tell you it's hard and people will tell you that you'll eventually change your major, but if STEM is what you love .. go for it ! Your peers that are going through the same thing will help you get through it, this is one of the ways I got through it and I will forever be thankful.

If you would like to promote your personal business that is children friendly, how can parents or students reach your business for inquiries, and what does your business consist of?:

Ladies can shop at my boutique here, Modish Ensemble Boutique 

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