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Meet the Woman Who Really Took Man to the Moon | Bold & Untold by MAKERS

Reading this post by Makers on Facebook, literally brought tears to my eyes! I cannot stop learning more about the amazing and fearless woman that Katherine Johnson still is. The more I learn about her, the more she becomes my SHERO! She recently celebrated her 100th birthday on August 26th 2018. She is a fellow sassy Virgo like me, so I am sure that is why I have a special connection with Ms. Katherine. She was a mathematician for NASA, or a "Woman Computer" as she would call it, and helped in calculating the exact trajectory of where the astronaut would land on the moon! WOWZERS!!!!!

If you have not already watched the Makers video on Facebook, here it is. I hope that she is around at least another 100 years to continue to motivate our young black, and brown girls about STEM! Thanks Katherine Johnson and all of the other ladies working for NASA at that time that paved the way for us!

To see more from MAKERS, you can follow them here...@MAKERSboldanduntold

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