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Why a rocket ship?

Updated: Aug 6, 2018

Well...HEY YA'LL, and welcome to Systematic Motivation. I know you have probably visited this page out of shear scientific curiosity and all that good mathematical stuff, and I am so glad you did! First I want to say thank you, and that you or your kids/students are in for a wild STEM filled ride. Second, I know you are probably wondering, why the Rocket Ship or Space ship as our logo right? This must be geared toward something about NASA? WRONG! We chose a rocket ship because of how cool this vehicle is and how it's one of the biggest, coolest, hardest, and most powerful things on this earth, that can literally leave this earth and come back intact! From the thought of how to build it, to building it, then launching it into outer space, takes Science, Technology, Engineering, and definitely Math. Systematic Motivation LLC. has been created to ascend the youth into the STEM field, faster than a rocket going into space! We realize that there is a major gap in this field among minorities, and especially women and we are here to fill it!

Image is courtesy of

Space Shuttle Discovery launches on July 26, 2005.

Credit: NASA


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